Elite Mature Escorts Rates for Every Client Need

Blissful touch. Slim body. Busty. Tall. Short. Blonde. Brunette. All Beautiful.

Appearance is not a factor for determining the elite mature escorts rates because each and every woman is beautiful. The one thing that does matter when determining rates is the amount of time the client wants to spend with the escort.

Our service prides itself on its efficiency and the quality of client services. There is a rate schedule for basic appointments which can be an hour or longer. There is an extra charge for travel time when the escort must travel outside the service area to reach the client. The charge includes packing, flying to the destination, and flying back home.

We can also accommodate special requests for appointments longer than 12 hours with the total amount negotiated between our service and the client. In addition, there may be an extra charge for the escort to attend a special event. The escort will always spend whatever time is necessary to ensure her appearance and attire are appropriate for the occasion. Sometimes, extra preparation time is necessary.

Elite Mature Fees

1 hour $600 $800
2 hours $1100 $1500
3 hours $1600 $2000